Breath Alcohol Test

Information on Breath Alcohol Testing:

The Breath Alcohol Test detects the presence of alcohol in the breath using a Home Office approved evidential Breathalyser device.

This alcohol test option is an effective and accredited method of determining if individuals are over the legal drink drive or specific industry limits set here in the UK.

  • England, Wales and Northern Ireland Drink Drive limit = 35μg/100ml (Micrograms of alcohol per one hundred millilitres of breath)
  • Scotland Drink Drive Limit = 22μg/100ml

The Breath Alcohol test can be used in isolation or in conjunction with the following drug tests:

Each Test Donor is legally identified at the appointment, breath samples are collected and depending on your requirements, evidential print-outs can be obtained from the breathalyser to confirm the result.

The Breath Alcohol test is performed under strict chain of custody protocols by fully trained and certified sample collection officers.

The test is available at selected Crystal Health Drug Testing Clinics or via the mobile collection service.

Depending on requirements and/or your drug and alcohol policy, it may be necessary to obtain up to 3 breath samples from the donor depending on the results.

The alcohol breath results are then provided to both the donor and organisation (if applicable) on the relevant chain of custody form. Depending on the result, action must be taken in conjunction with procedures as set out in an approved drug and alcohol policy.

All administration including the test results process is performed in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 14001.

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